The ABC of prenatal yoga

The ABC of prenatal yoga

The ABC of prenatal yoga support your overal wellbeing during pregnancy and biomechanics of birth

❤️The female pelvis has extraordinary biomechanical capabilities that help YOUR BABY to be born more smoothly and YOU to deal with the intensity of birth.

Did you know that the shape of the female pelvis differs from the male one? Also among women, there is a lot of variety in the shape of their pelvises, both within and among female populations from different parts of the world. You may have also noticed that the mobility of your pelvis increases during pregnancy due to the influence of hormones on the laxity of your pelvic joints.

The differences in the anatomy of female pelvises and the mobility of different pelvic bones ensure a smooth ride for the baby through your birth canal.

For the extraordinary biomechanical capabilities of the female pelvis to work, women need support:
▶not only during labour & birth by a birth environment and health care providers that encourage women’s freedom of mobility and allow for position interventions in case of labour dystocia.
▶but already during pregnancy by exercises that focus on alignment (A), balance (B) and chilling (C).

We all have experienced little or big trauma, which may have caused hyper- of hypotonic muscles, tightened or twisted ligaments, or an overly active alarm response leading to disharmony and asymmetries in the body.

Our ‘ABC’ of prenatal yoga:
▶Alignment: a more aligned body posture promotes optimal body function, stability and resilience.
▶Balance: balanced pelvic muscles are elastic ones, that flow easily from the state of activation/stamina to the state of relaxation/stretch. This promotes more space for the growing baby prenatally and for the baby’s passage through your pelvis during childbirth. Prenatal yoga nourishes balance in your body, heart and mind.
▶Chill: restorative yoga exercises help to regulate your ‘rest and digest’ nervous system. The more relaxed you are the more oxytocin and endorphins can flow for easier birth.

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