Healthy habits: Finding your neutral

Healthy habits: Finding your neutral

❤️Establishing healthy habits can make a world of a difference in preventing or alleviating common pregnancy ailments, preparing for birth and promoting postpartum recovery.

Finding ‘your neutral’ in body posture means a more balanced or aligned body posture, exploring where ‘your centre’ resides.
A more balanced body posture helps your bones, muscles, fascia and organs to do what they were meant to do; to support optimal body function, stability and resilience.

😮A few tips:
✅ Align your feet (parallel, hip distance, lifted arches, spread toes) for more stability to the legs, pelvis and upper body.
✅ Look for your neutral pelvis (slightly tilted forward), promoting a more balanced spinal position and weight distribution, elasticity and vitality of the pelvic (floor) muscles and supporting the reproductive, digestive and respiratory system.
✅ Lengthen, not straighten, your spine. Respect your natural spinal curves.
✅ Distribute your body weight by resting on three points: the heel, the base of the big toe and little toe, with 65% of the body weight in the heels.
✅ Open your chest allowing your collarbones to widen, shoulders to relax and shoulder blades to retract.
✅ Let your head rest on the spine, with the skull rising towards the sky, the chin in line with the chest bone and the ears in line with the shoulders, hip and ankles.

As we are all somewhat different anatomically and live is offering us different experiences, finding ‘your neutral’ maybe somewhat different from ‘my neutral’. So keep a beginners mind. Be curious to explore and experiment with ‘your neutral’!

Finding ‘your neutral’ may feel a bit ‘unnatural’ at first. Maybe your body is not used to functioning in that way. Mindfully explore new avenues and what feels right for you.

By ‘simply’ finding a more balanced body posture, you are already exercising. You activate your abs, back, and pelvic (floor) muscles. You allow for full breathing and calm your nervous system and healthy pelvic function aids to birth preparation and recovery.

Thus, tune into your body posture regularly during the day and find ‘your neutral’.



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