Baby Yoga Teacher Training, 5 - 9 April 2019, Antwerp


This Birthlight Teacher Training consists of Baby yoga level 1 (3 months to pre-mobile babies) and Baby yoga level 2 (mobile babies, 9-18 months).



Interested in specializing in Pregnancy, Postnatal, Well Women and/or Baby Yoga? Want to learn more about topics close to the hearts of women giving birth? In partnership with Birthlight - one of the most renowned experts in the field of women’s health, Lava is offering various Teacher Trainings in 2019 in Antwerp around these topics.


More about Birthlight


Birthlight has been dedicated to enhance the health and well-being of women and their families from conception through to the third year, for over 30 years. Francoise Freedman takes her experience as an expert yogi, women’s health advocate, anthropologist and recognized wisdom elder from the Amazon jungle into all her work with women. Lava is proud to  partner with Birthlight to offer a range of training’s for you to further your career.

The trainings will be provided by Kirsteen Ruffel and given in English.


More about Kirsteen Ruffel

Kirsteen Ruffell

Kirsteen Ruffel first met Françoise in 2001 and was deeply impressed by the way Françoise skillfully worked with pregnant women, couples, with babies and toddlers. It was a heart-opening experience and she decided this was an area she wanted to study in depth. Kirsteen then trained with Françoise in Perinatal Yoga and began teaching groups and 1-to-1 classes in 2002. She soon went on to gain the Birthlight Baby Yoga Diploma, as the joy of working with Mums and babies after birth was also irresistible. Later, her own pregnancy, the birth of her daughter and herself as a mother were greatly supported by the Birthlight techniques and practices she had been teaching and she was able to have a home birth at 43 weeks and a day!  Personally, she feels the Birthlight Yoga practices are gentle and enjoyable, yet work profoundly and the philosophy and approach are applicable to all women everywhere . "This way of practising Yoga made me and my baby feel much more comfortable on many levels, especially in late pregnancy and helped us cope with the intensity of labour confidently."

Kirsteen has been constantly inspired by this work over the years, not least during her opportunities to shadow and assist Françoise on the Birthlight Perinatal courses before becoming a tutor herself. She continues to refine her practice and understanding and enjoys keeping her training up to date with the regular CPDs and the Birthlight conferences. Her own Yoga practice began by chance in 1990 and she has been enjoying it ever since. Apart from Pre & Post Natal Yoga and Baby Yoga with Birthlight, she also has a background of training in Hatha (Sivananda) & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (TT with John Scott) and has been teaching Yoga since 1998. She finds it a great joy that Yoga can bring such benefit during pregnancy, birth and beyond, not just to Mum and baby but also to partners, siblings and all the family. Kirsteen is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK. She isCertified Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Tutor, Certified Birthlight Baby Yoga Tutor, Registerd Yoga Alliance UK Teacher.





Baby Yoga Teacher Training – Diploma Course (Baby Yoga Level 1 and Level 2), 5 - 9 April 2019, Antwerp

The Birthlight Baby Yoga Teacher Training consists of Baby yoga level 1 and Baby yoga level 2 courses complemented by three short courses: Nurturing baby massageToddler yoga and Special baby yoga and relevant teaching experience. All these courses together are registered under the label ‘Birthlight Baby Yoga’.

As part of this training Lava offers in 2019 Baby yoga level 1 and baby yoga level 2. You have to complete the training days (for both level 1 and level 2) including all the coursework, to obtain the Birthlight Baby Yoga Diploma. If you want to continue to obtain the full Birthlight Baby Yoga Teacher Training certificate, you will have to complete the remaining courses (see above) either at Lava or elsewhere and gain relevant teaching experience.



Course name:

Baby Yoga Diploma Course (Level 1 and Level 2)


Level 1: 5, 6, 7 April 2019

Level 2: 8 and 9 April 2019

Course venue:

Lava, Meerlenhoflaan 89, 2660 Antwerp/Hoboken, Belgium

Course type:

Baby Yoga

Course level:

Level 1 and Level 2


860 euros for Level 1 and Level 2. 

Level 1 only: 520 euros

Level 2 only: 350 euros

Course tutor:

Kirsteen Ruffel

Course description:

Level 1: (3 months to pre-mobile babies), 5-7 April 2019

Baby yoga courses impart simple practices accessible to all parents and babies. The focus is on wellbeing and on the mutual enjoyment of babies and their parents from birth to the third year, including special babies. We use touch, movement and sound/voice and rhythms interactively. Baby Yoga imparts principles of non-violence, quiet observation and self-awareness, respect, acceptance and compassion, which are qualities needed in early parenting years. Baby Yoga Level 1 is a three day intensive course that covers the period 3 months to mobile babies.

Full Course & Coursework Details



Level 2: The special focus of this course is on mobile babies (9-18 months) and the dynamics of parent-baby pairs in baby yoga classes, 8-9 April 2019

This course includes Birthlight yoga based movements that facilitate transitions to sitting, crawling, standing and walking. Additional resources are offered for teaching mobile babies from  9 to 18 months. The course also includes further knowledge on babies’ brain development and particularly on the importance of correct stimulation of the vestibular system. A deeper understanding of affect regulation is presented to highlight the potential contribution that baby yoga can make to enhance or repair affective communication between parents and babies through playful interaction. Additional techniques for teaching joint relaxation for parent and baby together are taught to help release parental tension.

Full Course & Coursework Details


The course is open to:
- Health professionals (nursery nurses, health visitors)
- Children centre’s staff (such as Sure Start Staff) 
- Instructors in yoga for children and infant massage.
- Qualified Birthlight teachers
- Yoga teachers with an interest in babies
- Mothers, through the Mother’s route to Training, conditional to the reading of the anatomy and physiology of infants before attending the course.


General Terms of conditions:

Read the Terms of Conditions for this teacher training carefully. You will have to sign and return them to us upon registration, including the Student Record Form, the Payment Sheet, a picture of yourself. Once we have accepted your registration, we will then ask you to pay a deposit to secure your spot. Lava General Terms of Conditions apply.

Accommodation facilities

There is a wide range of (Air) B&B in Antwerp.

There is also accommodation facilities at the venue of Lava. Dit E-mail adres wordt beschermd tegen spambots. U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om het te kunnen zien. for more information.

Additional required course material (to be purchased yourself:

Weighted Baby Doll

Baby Yoga students are required to bring a weighted, life-size demonstration doll to the course. They are an essential for teaching baby yoga as part of teaching practice and once qualified. They can be purchased from the Birthlight online shop just click on  online shop and then on 'dolls' in the item menu. The doll cost 68Pound excl postage. Postage can differ between 6- 16 pounds (if your order is shipped together with that of the other participants  and have it shipped to Lava, versus individual shipment). The deadline for ordering the dolls through Birthlight UK is 20th March.

Insurance requirements:

To be able to teach baby yoga level 1 and 2, you will need appropriate insurance. You can acquire insurance at Birthlight. Students are to supply a photocopy of qualifications and insurance documents if they don’t want to take up Birthlight insurance.




Read the Terms of Conditions for this teacher training carefully. You will have to sign and return them to us upon registration, including the Student Record Form, the Payment Sheet, a picture of yourself. Once we have accepted your registration, we will then ask you to pay a deposit to secure your spot. Lava General Terms of Conditions apply. 


For registration please Dit E-mail adres wordt beschermd tegen spambots. U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om het te kunnen zien. here.


A wonderful piece by Kirsteen Ruffel on what makes the Birthlight Baby Yoga different

'Baby Yoga’ the book that Françoise, the founder of Birthlight, wrote was already published 19 years ago! It was a seminal book and there have been many following on from it since. Yet, despite huge popularity in many places, there is still very much a need for this nurturing approach to practicing Yoga with babies. In London and many cities in the UK there is a whole plethora of activities, sessions and classes that you can take your baby to- massage, baby signing, breast feeding cafés, baby gym…these can all be valuable sources of fun, information and connection with other mums and parents. However, in a world where increasingly mums and parents generally have little previous experience of handling and being with babies until they have their own I truly believe we have something precious to offer in a Baby Yoga class. After just one session familiar comments tend to be “I learned that I can relax with my baby”, “I learned lots of new things that my baby enjoys”, “my baby slept really well after the class”. Baby Yoga Training gives the teacher the appropriate background knowledge in baby development to teach parents and carers how to do yoga with their baby safely and with respect for the baby’s needs. As parents gain confidence in holding and moving with their babies with their own body in better alignment so too do babies gain confidence in their ever growing abilities. Baby Yoga can be taught in a wide variety of settings- as a specific regular weekly class, combined with postnatal yoga classes with mums, in creches and child care centres at pick up time, in workshops, in parenting groups, in a parallel class to mums postnatal yoga class where dads or other caregivers get a chance to spend time with their baby. This is very different from having a lot of different toys and sparkly things to entertain your baby whilst you sit back and relax and chat. Baby Yoga is done with babies, not done to them, but with their participation. Babies learn to relax by experiencing us doing it, it is a wonderful life skill to start learning early! Baby yoga gently stimulates baby’s vestibular and proprioceptive systems- their sense of balance and where they are in space in a way that respects their mood and development. Just like appropriate adult yoga it helps them feel centred, calm and good in their bodies having stretched and released tension in the loving company of a trusted carer. Baby yoga also helps with digestive issues and facilitates strength and development of motor skills on both sides of the body- helpful to babies who may have torticollis due to their position in the womb or during labour.
I look forward to tutoring this course for the first time in Belgium in April and enabling more sharing of these lovely practices with parents and babies!


 Baby Yoga TT